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What is Beo & Be?

  • 'Beo' is the Irish word for alive, living & active. 'Be' represents being present & embracing the now, living moment to moment. Together 'Beo & Be' represents is a balance & harmony of energy... such as activity & quiet, movement & mindfulness, song & serenity, fire & water.

  • Mindfulness & Nature Movements are gentle, grounding movements focusing on breathing & the body’s energy. It is a calming space to benefit Health & nurture our connection to nature’s rhythms.

  • Ogham trees are integrated into each class to nurture calm, healing and feeling grounded.


• Nourishes Health

  • Growth of Self-Awareness & Self-Care 

  • Nurtures inner balance, strength & harmony

  • Rooted in earthly energy & the feeling of being grounded 

  • Encouragement of Kindness, Respect, Support, Self-Belonging, Understanding & Togetherness

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