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Beo Tree Market


Fresh Produce, Earthly Love.

Beo Tree Market Garden originates from the lake lands of Lough Corrib and available in Salthill, Galway.

The purpose is to grow fresh greens and herbs alongside the cycles of the Earth, with gratitude to Nature. It is pure food grown using natural fertilisers such as Seaweed straight out of the

Atlantic Ocean and peat dust from the local bog.

30 hens lay eggs daily providing a window to anyone who would like lovely local eggs. Eggs are available on request and depend on how much the hens are laying! They are happy, healthy hens with their own garden, fed on complete natural hen food.

On this website you will find a Market Garden & More. Fresh produce is produced mostly in Spring and Summer time, such as eggs, spuds, lettuce, mixed salads and honey. Produce originates from the lake lands of Galway and available in the heart of Salthill.

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