Ogham Tree Essences

Native Wisdom of Ireland

From oghamtrees.com:

'The ancient Celtic people were much like the first people of the Americas in that they were spiritually progressive. 

This advancement is born from an intense union with nature and subsequently, aided these people in aligning with energy on a universal level. 

At its simplest, the Ogham is an ancient Celtic Alphabet of which each symbol represents a sacred tree.'


The set consists of:


  • 5 Constitutional Remedies ​​(Elm, Gorse, Heather, Aspen and Yew) 

  • 13 Moon Remedies (Birch, Rowan, Ash, Alder, Willow, Hawthorn. Oak, Holly, Hazel, Vine, Ivy, Reed, Elder)

  • 3 Sacred Remedies (Mistletoe, Blackthorn, Apple)

Why Essences?

Body, Mind, Spirit Connection

From oghamtrees.com

'The effect of these Essences is similar to that of meditation in that they enable the person to access the wisdom of their Soul. When this happens the negative beliefs and thoughts are dissolved, balance is restored and true healing occurs.

Nature provides everything we need to survive and everything your mind needs to thrive. What your heart needs is nearer still. In life, seek within for balance and harmony there is no need to seek for what you already behold.'


Combination Essence Remedy


Specifically made just for You.

Combination essences remedy bottles are also available on request. These are blends of flower essences specific to the individuals needs. It helps us through times when we may need support. It helps to clear away stress and tension. The flower essences work on a cellular level. It is the energetic signature of the tree and this nourishes our energetic and electrical inner system, the nervous system. Just as we eat food to nourish our being through the process of digestion, by taking drops of the flower essences this nourishes the energetic processes and function of the nervous system.


The essences therefore benefit the emotional system and clarity in the mind. Emotion can also be explained as energy in motion. Every organ has associated emotions, anger may be held in the liver, sadness is associated with the lungs, fear with the kidneys and worry with the spleen. This knowledge comes from the ancient system of healing in traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture. Movement practice of this knowledge is called Qi Gong. 'Qi' being life force energy and our connection with nature, and 'gong' meaning skill or to work with.

I blend essences from 3 sources of expertise - the Irish Ogham Tree Essences, the English Bach Flower Remedies and the Australian Bush Flower Remedies. The flowers are chosen specifically for your individual needs. Any stresses going on in life the essences can help harmonize and restore inner balance. Even listing 4-8 feelings or symptoms your feeling helps in the process of choosing suitable flower essences for you. 

The essences are taken with the droplet bottle, usually 7 drops on waking and 7 drops on sleeping. Although it can also be taken intuitively throughout the day. For example during a stressful challenging time or tense event. It can also help focus and calm, so can be taken for exams, musical performances or sporting events. Essences are designed to support the evolution of humanity. They are in co-creation with Nature.


Essences help dissolve stress on any level - emotional, mental, spirit and also supports the physical function of the body. Strengthening our physical cells, balancing emotional energy in motion within, focusing the mind and freeing the Spirit.

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