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Imbalances:Dominating, procrastination, egoistic strength


Balancing Influences from the Tree:  Selfless service, Loosen inhibitions, Wisdom and teaching

Message: It's time to realise that you have the power to inspire and guide others without trying to control them. Relax within yourself. 

Qualities & Traits of the Oak Essence – ‘The Equalizer’:

Vine signs are born within the autumnal equinox, which makes your personality changeable and unpredictable. You can be full of contradictions, and are often indecisive. But this is because you can see both sides of the story, and empathize with each equally. It is hard for you to pick sides because you can see the good points on each end. There are, however, areas in your life that you are quite sure about. These include the finer things of life like food, wine, music, and art. You have very distinctive taste, and are a connoisseur of refinement. Luxury agrees with you, and under good conditions you have a Midas touch for turning drab into dramatic beauty. You are charming, elegant, and maintain a level of class that wins you esteem from a large fan base. Indeed, you often find yourself in public places where others can admire your classic style and poise. Vine signs pair well with Willow and Hazel signs.

Earth Months – Tree – Moon Cycle connection: (Birth Tree Dates):

Sept 2 - Sept 29


'Vine will bring expression, loosen inhibitions, help change thought patterns, bring flexibility, wise leadership, instinct and selfless service.

The Vine flower essence is for very capable people, certain of their own ability, confident of success. Being so assured, they think that it would be for the benefit of others if they could be persuaded to do things as they themselves do, or as they are certain is right. 

​The druids classified anything with a woody stalk as a tree, and so therefore it is listed vines among the sacred Ogham ranks. Further, grapevines typically come to mind when discussing vines, but it was more likely the blackberry vines that captured the hearts of the ancient Celts.
In the Druid perspective, the vine earned its symbolism from its growth patterns.They recognized the vine grows opportunistically, and would dig in wherever feasible in order to gain a strong foothold to assure its own growth.
This is a powerful metaphor of "going with the flow" or "growing where you are planted." In other words, it is a message that when we observe the best of our environment/situation and stay in a relaxed, flowing state of mind, will likely gain our highest advantage.
Nevertheless, in spite of the philosophical urging to take things as they may come, the thorns of these vines are symbolic of defending or protecting ourselves when necessary.
Lastly, the ever-watchful Celts also recognized the vine's predominant growth formation is in the shape of a spiral.'

Symbolic Celtic Meaning of the Vine

  • Regeneration

  • Continuation

  • Opportunity

  • Connection

  • Expansion

  • Fertility

  • Bounty

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