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Connacht u18 Hockey players

Rate calm/stress levels 1-10: Very calm =1, Very stressed =10

Before =7

After =1

We usually practice our mindful movements after our trainings, which are intense and have high pressure situations.

I love to do the ocean breathing (which is my favourite) after the sessions. I immediately feel calmer andI’m no longer stressed or worried, I love closing my eyes and sinking into my own space to relax.

After school days when I’ve come home worried about homework or exams, I find it’s a good time to take just 10

minutes out from my study to get some ocean breathing done. I feel immediately more free, I can only describe it as not feeling tied down. It’s a great technique and I’m very pleased I was introduced to it. I think the great thing about these exercises is that it doesn’t need to be precise, for so many things we need to have a correct formula or way of doing it, not this. For example; I like to stand with my eyes closed while clenching and un-clenching my hands during the ocean breathing. I take big long breaths and don’t have to worry about the time it takes. Others don’t like their eyes closed, some bend their knees as they go, others take shallow breaths, it’s all personal preference and I really love that about it.

I definitely would recommend these exercises to my friends in school or other sports teams, it’s a great way to calm yourself in stressful situations, or even to gather thoughts at the beginning/middle/end of the day.

Connacht U18 Hockey player

Rate calm/stress levels 1-10: Very calm =1, Very stressed =10

Before =6

After =2
Favourite movement- the ocean breathing as I like when u can imagine the ball/air in between your hands and it makes the exercise easier to understand and feel.
After doing the exercises I feel a lot calmer and relaxed compared to before it. I also feel clear minded.
Communication and understanding is quite good and I wouldn't change anything.
I would definitely recommend to others as it really helps for on and off the pitch, I think it has also helped me to play better as I'm less stressed and more clear minded. 

Connacht U18 Hockey Player

Connacht u18 Hockey Management Team

Rate calm/stress levels 1-10: Very calm =1, Very stressed =10

Before =5

After =1

- Favourite movement Mountain Breathing – It’s calming and stretching the spine helps calm breathing for me. I’m

relaxed during this movement.

- Helpful health benefits: It’s a great way to end a busy training session. For the girls (u18 squad) it’s nice to see them

united together in a circle and taking time to relax and be calm after a busy/intense training session or game. It’s nice to switch off and let the mind relax. Everything is always so clear and Brenda’s calm demeanor transfers to the girls.

- I would absolutely recommend to other teams, individuals/communities.

As manager of the squad (Connacht U18s Hockey) I see Brenda’s work with the team as a vital part of their training schedule. She creates a calm atmosphere after the girls have been challenged during a training session/match. It also assists with team bonding by having everyone finish the session together. The girls walk off the pitch smiling and chatting after what can be at times a stressful and intense session. Playing sport at a high level brings many pressures which can cause stress and anxiety. Brenda provides the squad with opportunities to manage and cope with these pressures. At training she demonstrates a variety of movements which help calm the body and mind. She also sends daily wellbeing movements which are done at home. These are illustrated and come with clear instructions as well as highlighting the health benefits.

Elaine Gantly

Mental Health Service, Galway

Rate calm/stress levels 1-10: Very calm =1, Very stressed =10

Before =6

After =1

Brenda thanks so much for delivering the Qi Gong class to us, I thoroughly enjoyed it and all the learning and experience from the class. It was excellent as it was not too physically exerting (as we were at work) but it allowed us to get the benefit of movement and calm all in one sitting which was just the perfect balance.

I also used some of the techniques outside of group and in particular before a performance which helped greatly in dealing with my nerves and creating a layer of calm to be able to perform better.

I would highly recommend this to anyone looking to better take care of their mental and emotional health. Thank you again Brenda for imparting your skills and expertise to us.


Rate calm/stress levels 1-10: Very calm =1, Very stressed =10

Before =9

After =3

Brenda was an excellent facilitator. She created a very calming atmosphere. It was the first Qi Gong class I had taken part in and found it so worthwhile and a good use of my time. I'd happily recommend this to my friends and family.


Claddagh National School

Brenda provided a regular mindfulness & movement programme to the children of my class in Claddagh National School during the 2015-2016 school year, and now ongoing 2016-2017. From the outset, it was consistently evident that Brenda had a thorough knowledge of her subject matter, and had put a huge amount of work into the detailed preparation of this custom-designed programme. This knowledge and preparation combined with Brenda’s natural manner to ensure that the delivery of each unit of mindful movement was both fully engaging and enjoyable for all of the children.

From my point of view, the activities immediately increased the children’s alertness and engagement in class, while also encouraging the development of their physical and emotional self-awareness. For their part, the children found Brenda’s visits highly enjoyable, and always gave her an enthusiastic welcome. Both children and adults across the range of classes in the school looked forward to her visits greatly.


The concrete benefits of mindfulness-based activities with primary school children are increasingly well-documented. Brenda Flannery knows her content; has designed and prepared a thorough and effective programme; and is highly competent in delivering it in a pleasant and engaging way. It is without hesitation that I can recommend Brenda’s programme to any primary school.


Seán Leonard

Teacher, Claddagh National School

Rowing Ireland & NUIG

Great to have Brenda Flannery of @beoandbe - mindfulness & nature movements - qi gong working her magic with 140 students from Galway City Schools at the NUI Galway / Rowing Ireland event last March.

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