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Primary & Secondary

School can be a busy & eventful environment with schedules, studies, socializing, societies & sports.

Mindfulness & Nature Movements provide space & everyday techniques to help the student manage well with the flow of life, encouraging self-care, focus, self-empowerment & togetherness.

The Beo & Be book will be a self-support wellbeing resource of mindfulness & movement. It will be guided by the approach of freedom of choice with movements & going at one's own pace, space & time. It will give the student an opportunity to mind & strengthen one's own wellbeing through movement & connection with nature's rhythms. 

In Primary Schools:

  • Any class.. junior, senior, ASD

  • 20 minute sessions

  • Indoors (classroom, hall or wellbeing space) or outdoors

In Secondary Schools:

  • Any class with a suitable window for wellbeing.. such as PE, 4th years, wellbeing classes, ASD, exam year

  • 40min - 1hour sessions

  • Indoors (hall or wellbeing/spirituality space) or outdoors


The Jes



St. Nicolas Parochial

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