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- indecisive, unfulfilled, confused, restricting, search for self, attachment


Positive Influences from the Tree:

- passion, purposeful, undying love, determination



- clinging to one idea could be restricting and damaging

- change is coming, but have patience


Qualities & Traits of the Ivy Essence: ‘ The Survivor’

- ability to overcome all the odds

- sharp intellect

- compassion and loyalty to others

- giving nature, always there to lend a helping hand

- born at a time of waning sun, so life can be difficult at times for people with Ivy as a birth tree

- seems like unfair obstacles come with no warning

- endure troubles with silent perseverance and soulful grace

- deeply spiritual, clings to deep rooted faith, that sees through adversity

- charming, charismatic, hold ones own in most social settings


Earth Months – Tree – Moon Cycle connection:

- Ivy is the 11th moon of the year: Sept-Oct

- Ivy is a Birth Tree for those born between Sept 30th- Oct 27th

Ancient Irish Ogham Alphabet:

Letter: G

Sound: Gort

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