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Colin Dempsey

Qi Gong, Kung Fu, Tai Chi, Healing Dao, Shaolin practitioner & laymonk.

Training, Energy Healing

& Sports Therapist.

Ballinderreen, Co. Galway.

Qi GonG West


Mental Health

Sinéad Murphy 

Holistic health: bio-energy, sound healing & massage.

Devon Holistic Health Clinic, 

Salthill, Galway.

Dr. Terry Lynch

Author, Mental Health Activist, physician & Psychotherapist. 

Based in Limerick.

Books including Selfhood

Train Station Gym

Ogham Tree Therapy


Group gym classes

Physical fitness centre 

6 Munster Ave, Galway, Ireland

Ian Claxton,

The Elm Tree Clinic, Oranmore

Compassion Focused Therapy

Kate Kearney,

Evidence Based Therapy Clinic, Galway

Instagram @katekearneycft

Roots Go Deep book

Hockey, Sports & Wellbeing Book

Originating in the Jes secondary school,

compiled by Brenda 

Instagram @rootsgodeepbook

Laura Dowdall

@Healing Yoga Soma 


Ruthe Burke

Instagram @rutheyoga


Somatics Yoga

Highly recommended Mental Health Courses

Click links below for discounts, 

Available through this website - 30% off

Courses by Dr. Terry Lynch,

Internationally renowned expert on Mental Health, 

Based in Limerick, Ireland

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