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Galway City Class : Train Station Gym, munster AVE

Train Station Gym, Galway

€7 drop in

Chi Flow Classes.. Tai Chi & Qi Gong Movements, Stretching and Mindfulness...

 focusing on strengthening the deep support structure of the body, the tendons, while giving your muscles a good stretch.

Book your mat in advance by contacting Jonny, Ronan & Emma in the Train Station Gym. 

086 851 2858.
€7 drop in


Tai Chi Flow Classes in the Train Station Gym. Rise and shine on Sunday mornings and join us in the Train Station Gym for a good stretch and an hour of moving mindfully. 


Class includes Qi Gong movements similar to yoga postures. Qi Gong is the origin of Tai-Chi movements, with a focus on breath, movement and connecting with the deep strength within the body that support muscle and bone structure, the tendons. Mindful breathing techniques nourish the five main organs, the lungs, heart, liver, spleen and kidneys which pathway to all the other organs and function in the body. We connect with Nature and it's natural rhythms of life to nourish and balance our own inner natural rhythms... Healing, rebalancing and gently energising the space of our overall being and structure, our health. 


Gentle yet deep and 'light workout' movements help the mind focus on the present, letting the busy nature of day to day take a rest for awhile. For sportspeople and gym crew this class is great for muscle health and coordination. Reflexes, lung capacity and efficiency along with connecting with every muscle and bone in the body is included, to ensure your full body system is taken care of and supporting your sports performance and enjoyment. For exercise and wellbeing focused folk, this class provides a space of inner connection and a spectrum of movements that nourish overall wellbeing to support your week. Any activity like walking, cycling or swimming can feel the benefits of this class as we strengthen the overall health of the body and mind. De stress from any sports training fatigue, exam or study stress or heavy work load throughout the week to ensure we live to our own enjoyment, potential and fulfilment. 


This class is an hour of an inner holiday in a friendly, spacious gym in the heart of Galway. All levels welcome as movements can be tailored to individual needs.. everyone can go at their own pace while being guided through sequences of self-healing and self balancing Qi gong and health mobility movements. 

Brenda integrates her background in Qi Gong, Tai Chi, Meditation, Mindfulness, physiotherapy, health sciences and sport to offer a class suitable and welcome to everybody. Mats provided, all we have to do is roll out of the leaba :) 

For more info on Colin's background, experience and workshops in Amber Healing centre visit Contact Ronan and Jonny at the gym directly to prebook your space 0868512858. Drop in weekly is €7.


Be lovely to see you Sundays! ️Brenda

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